STK Ibiza Art Programme: 
Paolo Regis - Human Power

August / September 2016


During the summer months, Coburn Projects is curating an exciting art programme at STK, Corso Hotel Ibiza. The programme features monthly exhibitions of international artists and schedules art events at STK.

Through August and September a series of photographs by Paolo Regis (born 1979, Vercelli, Italy) are exhibited at STK. Paolo Regis analyses, decomposes and recomposes the force, manifested in the interaction and binding of two or more bodies. The motion vector of these spirits is transformed  into a stream color, living fiber of what the artist defines as Human Power, the strength of the human.

His reportage is primarily focused on individuals and their environment, captured in the phenomenology of various interactions. Photographed in different countries, from Bangladesh Zanzibar, Berlin, Venice, Milan, London, Accra in Ghana, Varanasi and Bodhgaya, Regis shows how people communicate and socialise according their historically decisive situations. 

"I wanted to capture the vibration and the unity of thousands of people put them all together and take away all that divides them," explains Paolo Regis. "I shoot the entire moment  very  seriously with natural light and without worrying then touch-ups."




Paolo Regis, Human Flags (Human Power), 200 x 150 cm, printed photograph, 2006
Varanasi 1 (Human Power), 200 x 150 cm, printed photograph, 2007

Teachings (Human Power), 200 x 150 cm, printed photograph, 2010