From May - June 2014, Coburn Projects and Two Rams presented its third solo exhibition 'Violets and Salt' featuring works by New York artist Roz Stone Morris.  

For Violets and Salt, Roz creates artifacts of a fairytale world, as if frozen in decay. These sculptures and works on canvas are inspired by the unusual and sometimes disturbing objects the artist would discover as she wandered the forest behind her grandparents home as a child. The artist strings handpicked materials like mica and flowers through wire mesh and coats the constructions in wax and resin, giving the sculptures the impression of relics. The artist buries her reality in myth to protect the magical truth from the banal artificiality of the overexploited landscape. Violets and Salt is a poem to a fading culture and the wild free roaming life of the people and outlaws that are the artist’s ancestors.

Roz Stone Morris was born in 1982 in Savannah, Georgia and lives and works in New York. She has primarily worked as a fashion designer for her own line, Stone Morris. As a printmaker, her clothes are based off of photographs from her travels- from camping trips in South Carolina to safaris in South Africa. Violets and Salt is the artist's first solo exhibition as she crosses over from design to fine art.

TWO RAMS is a contemporary art gallery on the Bowery in New York City established by Tali Wertheimer and Brandon Coburn. In addition to curating exhibitions in-house, Two Rams collaborates with prominent galleries from important art centers around the world to bring ambitious and adventurous projects to New York.